INTERESTING:  Kehei (to step) is in an area of Kealia Pond, and yet Kehei ran from Kealia Pond to Paeahu.

The place Kehei has an ili named Kihei that actually falls in the Pulehunui ahupua'a. Pulehunui is the largest ahupua'a in the entire Moku ʻO Kula. It actually takes the shape of a Kihei (Mary Kawena Pukui). A triangular form or shape does look like a Kihei.

Also, Kealia Ponds when the sun simmer on the water in late day, it takes form of a Kihei. The waters would wrap itself similar like a shaw or Kihei around a woman's shoulders/neck.

Why this area?  Maui represents a woman's body with Ma'alaea being the breast area and neck hence a Kihei would be wrapped.

Actual Kihei ahupua'a is Kamaʻole and Paeahu. 


From my own do da best  research and hearing old folks talking at Kihei Suda Store and Suda's Snack Shop back in the day, Kihei is where its been for decades in the area of what they call "Sugar Beach / Maui Canoe Club. Kihei Suda Store is in Waiakoa ahupua'a. The stream nearby as you cross over is Pulehunui ahupua'a. 

I went to Old Kihei School, I still go to Kihei Post Office, and my friends still refer to Kihei. Everyone goes about their day as we all normally do.  

This is good to know history of the hawaiian names, moku, ahupua'a and heritage.


Explained by Vernon Kalanikau


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