There is no man familiar with fishing least he fishes and becomes an expert.

There is no man familiar with the soil least he plants and becomes an expert.

There is no man familiar with hōʻola least he be trained as a kahuna and becomes expert at it.

That manaʻo was the standard that kupuna went by in determining who would sit on the councils.

Through the ʻaha councils with multiple expertise woven into a strong cord, the people established lōkahi.

Lōkahi is the balance between the land, the people that lived upon the land, and the akua.

The result of lōkahi was pono, the spiritual balance in all things.

The ʻaha represents the binding and the pono that is created for the land that will sustain life.

This prepares the way spiritually for the land physically.

The manifestation of pono is the land and people flourishing abundantly with food and many descendants.

This comes from understanding the concept of the ʻaha.

- Kumu Hula John Kaʻimikaua


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